Even Parity of 1101011

How to calculate even parity bit of binary number 1101011?

Step 1: Gather your Data

Collect the data bits that you want to include in your message. The binary number 1101011 consists of 7 (seven) bit data sequence.

Step 2: Count the Number of 1s

Count the number of 1s in your data sequence. In our example, there are 5 (five) 1s.

Step 3: Determine Parity

Determine whether the number of 1s in your bits is even or odd. Since we have five 1s in example with 1101011, which is an odd number, we need to set the parity bit to 1, to make the total number of 1s even .

Step 4: Append the Parity Bit

Append the parity bit (1) to the end of your number.

The resulting message becomes: 11010111.
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