101010101 Binary in Octal

Converting a binary number to octal (base 8) without a calculator involves grouping the binary digits into groups of three, and then converting each group to its octal equivalent. Here's a step-by-step guide with an example for binary number 101010101:

Step 1: Group Binary Digits

Start with the binary number you want to convert to octal. Group the binary digits into groups of three, starting from the right. If the last group has fewer than three digits, pad it with zeros on the left.

Binary: 101 010 101

With Zeros: 101 010 101

Step 2: Convert Each Group to Octal

Now, convert each group of binary digits to its octal equivalent:

1012 = 58

0102 = 28

1012 = 58

Step 3: Write the Octal Digits

Write down the octal digits obtained from each group:


So, the octal representation of the binary number101010101 is 525.
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